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Mario Kart Tour’s multiplayer mode is closer with a new test

El modo multijugador real llegará a Mario Kart Tour muy pronto, pero no para todos

Es importante tener en cuenta que esta es una prueba beta, y que es probable que durante su desarrollo os encontréis con fallos que pueden perjudicar vuestra experiencia de juego. En cualquier caso, se trata de la prueba que necesitan los jugadores de Mario Kart Tour para saber que Nintendo no solo no se ha olvidado de ellos, sino que podrán contar con el multijugador más pronto que tarde.

Mario Kart Tour’s multiplayer mode is closer with a new testMario Kart Tour’s multiplayer mode is closer with a new test

One of Nintendo’s great games has always been Mario Kart. From the moment the first SNES version was released, Mario Kart became one of the best ways to spend time with family and friends, racing in a multitude of big prizes and competing to finish first or simply enjoying mini-games. For this reason, when its mobile version was released without multiplayer , it didn’t feel particularly good.

Mario Kart Multiplayer is one of the foundations of the game, and just because Mario Kart Tour doesn’t have it, it doesn’t help to keep players engaged, no matter how successful it may be. But that doesn’t mean we won’t have it, because Nintendo is already working against the clock to bring it to the mobile version. In fact, it’s already possible to test it thanks to the new test that the development team has opened to test the operation of the game’s servers.

As reported by Nintendo in a game announcement, from January 22nd to January 28th, all players will have the opportunity to try out the multiplayer mode of Mario Kart Tour. To do so, you simply have to complete at least one of the game’s cups , after which the mode will be enabled within the menu. When you access the mode menu, you can choose to compete with people close to you, friends, or people from all over the world.

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