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Mario Kart Release for iOS Delayed to Summer

Just a year ago, Nintendo announced the arrival of an iOS version of Mario Kart. It was scheduled to be released over the next twelve months, but they just confirmed at their shareholders’ conference that they won’t be able to make that date. Mario Kart Tour will finally see the light of day this summer .

The Verge was the one who gave us the bad news. Mario Kart Tour was supposed to be released in March 2019 and now we’ll have to wait until the summer months to get our hands on it. This is what the company made known at its shareholders’ conference (these days several companies, including Apple, are holding their conferences). According to their report of quarterly results :

Mario Kart Release for iOS Delayed to Summer
Mario Kart Release for iOS Delayed to Summer

The Japanese company says it continues to work on making the titles it releases have playable content afterwards, allowing players to enjoy them for “a long time”. Nintendo has released several games in a mobile version. From Mario Run and Animal Crossing, to others like Fire Emblem in their respective adapted versions. Dragalia Lost is also expected to reach the Apple platform.

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The effort made by Nintendo is considerable , as it does not limit itself to carrying games from its other platforms and placing them on a mobile device, but creates a new way of enjoying these franchises by adapting to the device. Although I’m sure many of the company’s fans would prefer to have the original titles with touch control (or via MFi controller).

In any case, Nintendo’s bid to bring out mobile games is a radical change from its position not so long ago.