Marco Arment removes Peace, the most popular ad blocker from the App Store

“I just don’t feel right” were the words of Marco Arment, with which he titled an article explaining his decision. The developer made this decision after seeing his app reach number 1 on the American App Store .

Getting to number 1 with a paid app is every developer’s dream, so why have you made this determination? Arment writes these words:

The war of the advertising blockade

Marco Arment removes Peace, the most popular ad blocker from the App Store
Marco Arment removes Peace, the most popular ad blocker from the App Store

Wars are never surgical and end up with casualties on all sides

Arment alludes to the current war between users, advertisers, websites and content blockers. One in which the consequences are not black or white and where there are victims on all sides. iOS 9 was the first mobile operating system to allow the possibility of integrating content blockers as standard (in this article, in fact, we mentioned Peace).

It’s a very relevant move for everyone involved. While the use we make of the web continues to pivot towards mobile, iOS remains the most profitable platform for advertisers. A few months ago, the investment bank Goldman Sachs published a study stating that iOS generated 75% of revenue on mobile from Google during 2014.

Of a total of $11.8 billion generated during that year in Google’s mobile section, $8.85 billion came from Apple’s mobile platforms . Ads take a toll on the users of a smartphone or tablet, since they take advantage of a series of resources that are of vital importance to them:

  • They consume more data than most of us have limited every month.
  • They increase the loading times of a website.
  • They make more battery consumption.

The precious resource trio of a smartphone . It is perfectly understandable that the emergence of content blockers should lead to an adoption with enormous potential among advanced and not so advanced users.

The Apple Carrot to the Publications

What consequences will it have for all sides? Apple rarely gives a stick without offering a carrot in return . It is no coincidence that we have seen at the same time the appearance of Apple News, which we have analyzed this very morning. Cupertino’s company wants to change the way the web affects the user experience, forcing online publications to change the format of their ads.

At Apple News, a website will collect all the revenue generated if they use their own network. If they use iAd, Apple’s network, it will take the 30% commission typical of the company. But the truth is that the reality is more complicated and Apple’s efforts have many ramifications .

Online content publishing is not a particularly profitable business. You need to have scale or very loyal followers to be able to find a balance . This is why we have seen several online media such as GigaOm or Circa News close or reduce their presence.

iOS 9 ya está aquí y estas son todas sus novedades.

Imágenes The other side of the coin is sites like John Gruber’s Daring Fireball, which generates its income through affiliate products or one-time conferences.

But the popularization of content blockers can have its greatest impact on medium sized publications that do not achieve either . Turbulent times are approaching in online publications and in the medium term it is very possible that there will be a sifting of those less suitable for survival.

Note: We remind you that if you downloaded Peace for your iOS device at the time, you can request a refund in iTunes by following these steps.

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