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March 2019, the date chosen by Apple to deploy its streaming video service

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In recent months, we’ve seen a steady stream of recruitment and acquisitions of directors and original content productions by the company. The bet is strong and it seems that the results of all this will be seen next March , within a year.

March 2019, the date chosen by Apple to deploy its streaming video service
March 2019, the date chosen by Apple to deploy its streaming video service

According to the New York Times, several industry executives who have met with Apple, say that the deployment of the video service will come in March 2019 . Apple has a budget of $1 billion to spend on original content this year, or so we thought, because according to the NYT report, the company plans to spend much more than that. Will it be close to the $8 billion Netflix plans to spend on series and movies by 2018?

A team of over 40 people with new headquarters in Culver City

Currently the project in charge of Eddy Cue has more than 40 people working on getting and developing original content for the platform. Of course we are talking only about the directors, not counting developers, technicians or designers among others. Having a good team is essential, since the philosophy and content that arrives depends on them, as well as the possible hiring and influence in the entertainment sector.

Moreover, the headquarters of Apple’s video team will not be in Apple Park, but in Culver City. We’ve had a few rumours before that Apple is based in this part of Los Angeles. The company is building a nearly 12,000 square meter facility in Culver City to run everything related to the video division from there. Why? Because being close to Hollywood is essential to get the content and production of the platform right.

Little and quality before much and nonsense

The editorial line that Apple will follow will be somewhat different from Netflix, which may be its biggest competitor or the one we compare the service to in the first place. To give you an idea, Netflix plans to create more than 700 series and original content during 2018. This is an outrage, and of course, it is virtually impossible for all of that content to be of the same quality. According to the report, Apple wants to make far fewer series and movies but offering more budget for each one, more attention to detail, more quality.

Months ago Tim Cook warned that they would only produce series and movies that could be shown in an Apple Store. In other words, they would avoid insults, sex and inappropriate content. These statements have done a lot of damage and have been really misinterpreted, because we automatically think that they are only going to create naive content for kids. And the truth is that you can’t, create quality content without directly appealing to the explicit sixth or the swear words.

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