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We continue with our special on free games for Mac OS X in the action genre. For years we have been able to enjoy many action games on our favorite computers, such as the mythical Wolfenstein 3D, Quake III Arena or the Marathon saga that some of us remember with nostalgia .

All these games were commercial, but nowadays you don’t have to pay a single euro to get rid of your adrenaline by emptying your chargers against the bad guys . Let’s look at some completely free action games with a quality perfectly comparable to commercial games after the jump.

Maratón Aleph One – Applesfera
Maratón Aleph One – Applesfera

The first is Urban Terror , a free game that takes advantage of the Quake III engine to offer a multiplatform title for online battles. Set in our time, the game focuses on offering a realistic situation where strategy and tactics count first and foremost . In addition, it is continuously developed so that we can enjoy new features in the game periodically.

The next title abandons realism to a world full of monsters of all kinds: Saurebraten is the sequel to Cube, and in addition to offering a completely free online game server also has a single player mode, where the player will have to complete levels in the style of Doom.

Worthy of a mention is the entire Marathon saga , initially brought to you by Bungie and now turned into free games thanks to Aleph One . Marathon doesn’t have any current graphics as it is a very old game series, but I’m sure that the most veteran players will remember these titles. Now they are available for free, although the installation is a bit complicated if we take into account that first we have to install the engine, then the games and then certain components if we want the quality of the saga to improve. The plot of the game is simple: You are the only human in an alien-infested ship with not very good intentions .

Finally, we leave the FPS type games to arrive at a simpler and stranger but very addictive game: Shooter in the abstract . The game is simple: You are a polygon that shoots by its vertices and you have to destroy the rest of figures that appear in the screen. As the game progresses, you will gain vertices (you start as a triangle and then transform into a square, then a pentagon…) and the enemies will appear more frequently. Shooter in the abstract is an ideal game to kill those short and dead times that can appear at any time.

I don’t finish this article without recommending more action games that my partner Miguel Michán told us last summer: Nexuiz , Tremulous (two FPS set in space that allow you to play multiplayer games oiline), and Enemy Territory , another FPS set in the universe Wolfenstein. Happy butchering!

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