Maps Connect, this is how Apple wants to make its maps more relevant

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We all know the long and tortuous path that the Apple mapping application has gone through, but it seems that everything is falling into oblivion, where little by little they have begun to receive daily corrections, as well as feedback from users, which has made it improve over time.

Now under this idea of continuous improvement, Apple has just announced its new service “Maps Connect” which allows the owners of small and medium establishments, to have presence in the Apple maps or, modify existing data with additional details.

Maps Connect, this is how Apple wants to make its maps more relevant
Maps Connect, this is how Apple wants to make its maps more relevant

Registration is free and only requires entering the site with an Apple ID, once inside, you have to put the contact details , such as owner’s name, address, phone number and email, after this an automated call is made to the registered phone number which gives a code to continue with the registration.

From this point onwards, all the details of the establishment are requested, such as opening hours, categories and various sub-categories, as well as location on the map, links to social networks and accepted forms of payment. After this, the application is sent to Apple who makes a quick selection process so that within a week , the business is available on Apple’s maps either from iOS or OS X.

But this is not all, since Apple wants to encourage businesses to integrate iBeacons , although here there are other requirements to be met, for example it asks that the annual rate of visitors is at least one million customers, the establishment must have WiFi, accurate interior maps, as well as a mobile application that serves to implement the iBeacon connection.

With this, Apple is looking for its maps to become a reference for the search of establishments and diverse businesses , standing up to the competition like TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Yelp, and other services focused on the recommendation of places.

Maps Connect is currently available for business in the United States , but is expected to open to other countries in the coming days, this as far as basic registration is concerned, while support through iBeacons has no definite date to leave the American country.


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