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Manage your iPhone 6s battery change for free via the Apple website

Cómo Realizar una Copia de Seguridad de tu iPhone y iPad

Una vez preparado, Apple te redirige bien a un proveedor autorizado cercano a tu domicilio, al que recomiendan que llames previamente para agilizar el proceso o contactar directamente con ellos para que se pasen a recogerlo en los próximos días.

Manage your iPhone 6s battery change for free via the Apple website
Manage your iPhone 6s battery change for free via the Apple website

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Manage your iPhone 6s battery replacement quickly and easily

By Eva Rodríguez de Luis – Dec 5, 2016ShareFacebookTwitter

As we mentioned a few days ago, Apple has recently launched a free battery replacement plan for certain iPhone 6s models to address the unexplained blackouts suffered by iPhone 6s devices . This appears to have been caused by defective batteries implanted in the iPhone 6s manufactured during September and October 2015 by a particular vendor.

Manage your iPhone 6s battery change

Remember, to find out if your iPhone 6 is eligible for the blackout issue , you must look up its serial number and match certain characters , as shown in detail in the post. Check to see if your iPhone 6 is eligible for Apple’s free battery replacement program and then contact your local Apple Retail Store.

But to make it easier, Apple has enabled a section on its website that allows you to quickly check and also process the battery replacement process . In both cases, you will need to know the serial number, either via iTunes or via Settings> General> Information .

Preparing your iPhone 6s for service delivery

If this is the case and your iPhone 6s is in the replacement program , even if it has not yet given you any problems, we recommend that you replace it, you should prepare your iPhone for delivery to the Apple service. To do this, you will need to prepare it as follows:

1) Back up, either via iCloud or via iTunes

2) Disable the Find My iPhone from Settings> iCloud function and uncheck the option.

3) Finally, restore your terminal from Settings> General> Reset and delete the contents and settings.

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