Manage Widgets in the iOS Notification Center 8

Find out how Notification Center widgets work in iOS 8

It has been almost a month since Apple released iOS 8 for all users with a compatible iDevice. However, as we continue to learn small details that hide the Apple mobile operating system. Today we will talk about the widgets that are present in the iOS 8 Notification Center and that will be very useful for us.

The iOS 8 widgets are present in the Today section of the System Notification Center . This Notification Center is displayed by sliding your finger down from the top of the screen, either from the main screen or while you are inside an application, provided it is configured to do so.

Manage Widgets in the iOS Notification Center 8
Manage Widgets in the iOS Notification Center 8

The iOS Notification Center has undergone some changes with the arrival of iOS 8. Among other things, Apple allows users to manage the Notification Center widgets to customize and adjust them by adding or removing them as needed.

Adding Widgets to the Today Tab of the Notification Center

One of the new features introduced in the Notification Center by the Cupertino guys is the ability for iPhone and iPad users with iOS 8 to add widgets to the Today tab.

The widgets will be very useful for users, who among other things could know the weather, sports scores, current news and many other things . When you have an application that has a widget it doesn’t automatically appear on that tab in the Notification Center, you have to add and remove it yourself manually.

To do this, the first thing we need to do is deploy the Notification Center on our iPhone or iPad with iOS 8 or higher and make sure we’re in the “Today” section and not in “Notifications”. Next, scroll down to the bottom and click on the “Edit” option , so that the options available for managing these widgets appear: the little red button to delete, another one to change the order in which they appear or the “+” icon that allows us to add new ones.

Apple has finally given more freedom to third-party developers

This is also part of that step forward that the American company has taken allowing developers more freedom . Thus, application developers who wish to do so will be able to add a widget to their application , through which they can provide information to the user via the Notification Center.

In keeping with what they’re saying in iMore, this new feature in the Notification Center is a great idea from Apple. While it is true that these are not the widgets we can find on Android devices, they are also very interesting and will surely be well received by iOS 8 users .

What do you think of the iOS 8 Notification Center widgets? What applications do you know that support these widgets? Feel free to tell us through the comments.

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