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Manage iPad and iPhone without going through iTunes with iFunBox

Managing iPad and iPhone from your computer with iFunBox

iFunBox is the perfect tool to replace iTunes once and for all and manage your iPhone or iPad from your computer , whether it’s Windows or Mac. Not familiar with iFunBox? Pay attention…

iTunes is a very complete tool created by Apple that allows you to play music, as well as organize your music collection, manage your app store, music, movies, books and much more . In addition, for those users of iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, it allows you to manage these devices and synchronize them with your computer.

Manage iPad and iPhone without going through iTunes with iFunBox
Manage iPad and iPhone without going through iTunes with iFunBox

The tool does everything that makes iTunes possible but in a faster, simpler and more efficient way . In addition, the latter allows us to access our iOS devices without restrictions and copy information from the iPad or iPhone to the computer and vice versa. If you want a tool that’s much more complete than the Apple tool and much more efficient, the iFunBox is what you’ve been looking for.

What does iFunBox allow us to do?

iFunBox allows us to carry out a large number of functions and has numerous features that make this tool a unique and unparalleled software. For those of you who are not sure how to use this great program to manage your iPhone or iPad, let’s explain the main functions of the popular software :

Import or export files and data from the iOS device

Many users are in favour of using iTunes to move files from the computer to their iOS device (songs, videos, photos…). However, what many of them don’t know is that other programs outside of Apple also allow this. iFunBox, for example, allows this function to be carried out and I would even go so far as to say that does it much better than iTunes .

To import or export files and data from the iOS device with the iFunBox only we have to follow the following steps :

  • Open the My Devices tab by clicking on our iOS device name.
  • In the tab we will see the desktop of our iPhone or iPad, with all the apps as they are in our device.
  • Just below we’ll see two options: Import Media and Export Media (which will allow us to add or extract music, videos or photos).
  • We click on one or the other depending on whether we want to import or export the files.

Install or uninstall apps to our iOS device

Although we can do this function comfortably from our iPad or iPhone, in many cases it can be easier and faster to do it directly from the computer , especially in those cases where the apps or games to be installed are large. To install apps we simply need to:

  • Access the Home tab.
  • Sign in to your Apple ID account (top right corner).
  • Find the app you want to install. (you can install more than 1 application at a time).

However, if you want to uninstall any applications from your iOS device, you simply have to do so:

  • Go to the My Devices tab.
  • Click on the icon of the application to be deleted.
  • Select the Uninstall option.

Use your iPhone or iPad as a portable hard drive

iFunBox allows you, in addition to everything else mentioned above, to turn your iOS device into a portable hard drive , just like a USB stick, which is extremely useful if we need to transport files, important documents, etc. from one place to another.

To save your documents on the iPhone or iPad we must:

  • Go back to the My Devices tab.
  • In the lower part of the window we select Manage Files.
  • Once inside, we click on General Storage.
  • A window will open where we can create folders and copy files freely using the “Copy From PC” option.

In this way, unlike iTunes, we can see all the files stored inside our iOS device and so we can have an exhaustive control of all the documents that we have, being able to see at all times the folders and files stored .

Access files saved by other applications

In relation to what we talked about before, iFunBox allows us to access all the folders and files saved , something that would be very useful for example in the case of wanting to recover some photo saved in an app but not in the reel of our iPad or iPhone.

To see the entire folder and file structure, you’ll have to:

  • Go to the My Devices tab.
  • Access Manage Files.
  • Click on iFunBox Classic, and a new window will open as a file browser.

If, on the other hand, you only want to see the files created specifically by an app, you should click on the icon of the app in question from the iFunBox and select the option called ” Manage Files “. This will open a file browser but located in the application’s folder.

These are the main functions that allow us to make iFunBox which are a clear sign of identity of the program and that distinguish it from many other software to manage the iPhone or iPad from the computer, such as iTunes.

What do you think about iFunBox, Do you use another program to manage your iPad or iPhone? Tell us!

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