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Malware on iPhone and iPad

Although there’s a lot of talk about malware on Android and Windows, we can also find it on our iPhone and iPad. That iOS is safe is as naive as thinking that a Mac can’t have viruses .

Computer security company Trend has detected two versions of spyware on iOS through a pair of infected applications running some unwanted processes on Cupertino’s company devices.

Malware on iPhone and iPad
Malware on iPhone and iPad

According to Trend the operation of this spyweare is very similar to one found in Windows last year. The two versions of the spyware that have been found are XAgent and MadCap, both of which represent a potential danger to the user as allow the theft of personal data, recording audio, taking screenshots and sending all this collected information to a remote server if the administrator behind the spyware requests it.

This malicious softweare has been found on both iOS 7 and iOS 8 devices , so it gives us an idea that it has been circulating on Apple phones and tablets for at least a year. It practically runs in the background and hidden in our device. When we turn it off, it will start up again as soon as we plug it in, so it’s impossible to stop it.

These are some of the actions that can be performed:

  • Collect messages
  • Collect contacts
  • Collect images saved in the Gallery
  • Collect GPS data
  • Recording using the microphone
  • Collect installed apps
  • Collect the internal processes of the phone or tablet

It is not yet known exactly how this malware gets into iOS devices , however, the guys at Trend believe it does when users click on a link or connect the phone or tablet to the computer via USB.

Obviously Apple is already working on getting rid of any runtime of this spyware so hopefully it will be no longer available in the next update. However, there is not much to worry about at the moment as there are very few infected devices.

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