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Make your iPhone X transparent with this iFixit wallpaper

iFixit, the company famous for disassembling all the devices has launched on day two quite interesting wallpapers because it seems that the iPhone X is transparent when you see the internal components . This comes from the work they have done dismantling the terminals and making several shots. To close this work they have decided to share with users these funny shots, so you can give a funny touch to your iPhone X.

iFixit left us all surprised to discover that iPhone X features two batteries instead of one, L-shaped battery. This is an exceptional piece of work by Apple, fulfilling the mission of making tiny yet powerful components. The internal design is like the outside, very beautiful and that is why iFixit gives us the optical illusion of looking inside our terminals with this curious wallpaper . Specifically, they have said the following about this initiative:

Make your iPhone X transparent with this iFixit wallpaper
Make your iPhone X transparent with this iFixit wallpaper

With these sweet wallpapers, you can basically pretend you’re looking directly through the screen and into the heart of your phone as if you have x-ray vision. And speaking of X-rays this year, we have two options for you: a beautiful, high-resolution image and an X-ray image of the insides of the iPhone X. By the way, the edge-to-edge screen makes this set of wallpapers especially slippery.

The realism of these wallpapers is made possible thanks to the tightness of the frames. This makes it possible for the screen to be much more realistic and to see the insides of our terminal.

If you want to enjoy these wallpapers we invite you to go to your iPhone, enter the entrance where the images I leave you here are hung and download them. With this, you will achieve that all the resolution is preserved.

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