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Make way for KnowMe, the app that wants to turn us all into “mini-movies”

Apple lanza Bloc Musical, una nueva aplicación que “captura” ideas para canciones

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Make way for KnowMe, the app that wants to turn us all into “mini-movies”
Make way for KnowMe, the app that wants to turn us all into “mini-movies”


Compartir Dejad paso a KnowMe, la app que quiere convertirnos a todos en “mini-cineastas”



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They are becoming very common in social networks: short videos , of just a few seconds, that are seen very casually on Twitter or Facebook among other networks. They attract more attention, and have become an important tool for all Community Managers .

KnowMe is an application that wants to make the creation of those videos easy and fast, and after trying it for a few minutes we have to say that it solves it quite well, mixing the live recording of our voice with the selection of elements from our photo library.

The process is fast, and a series of perfectly integrated video tutorials in English explain it to us: if we want to record live video, we click on our image given to us by the iPhone’s front camera. If we want to record our voice on top of an image we have in our photo library, we click on it and that’s it.

Once we have finished recording and editing our video (we are free to change the order of the recorded portions) it can be shared publicly or privately on the same KnowMe social network, although it is also stored in the phone’s photo library so that it can be shared on other social networks. Here are a couple of examples from KnowMe’s own account on Instagram

It is surprising how easily the videos can be mounted, the only drawback being that adds a watermark at the beginning and end of each video . Anyway, it’s nothing that can’t be solved with the same Photo application by trimming that start and end.

To publish video results on Instagram, KnowMe can be a good tool. In fact, I think it’s a sign that on Instagram they should add some kind of editor like this one so that they can enrich their own fifteen-second videos to better compete against Vine. You can download the application for free from the App Store.

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