Make the most of iOS 10 with these helpful tips for iPhone and iPad

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With the imminent arrival of iOS 11 on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, we’re hearing more and more about the software that belongs to the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system.

Make the most of iOS 10 with these helpful tips for iPhone and iPad
Make the most of iOS 10 with these helpful tips for iPhone and iPad

But there are still many interesting things to note about iOS 10 , the current version. We can’t leave it out. That’s why today we’re going to present you with a series of iOS 10 tricks to make the most of its features.

This article contains tips, tricks and advice to save time, consume less battery power, improve the user experience and much more. There’s everything, don’t miss it!


There are more and more emoticons, and it’s getting harder to find them. Luckily, Apple has introduced a new method for finding emojis in iMessage. It’s called emojification, and it consists of writing a word related to the emoji, pressing the emojis button and clicking on the highlighted word in orange to change it to an emoji automatically. Very useful!

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Low quality images in iMessage

Go to Settings> Messages and activate the option “Pictures with low quality” . If you send a lot of pictures in iMessage, it is recommended that you enable this option. The images are saved automatically, so you save on mobile data and storage capacity.

Remember the parking with Siri

One of the most interesting new features of Siri in iOS 10 is that the virtual assistant allows you to remember where you parked your car. All you have to do is ask Siri for the exact phrase “Remember where I parked my car” , and she will enable a new car-shaped icon in the Maps application.

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Unlock your iPhone without pressing the Home button

Following the launch of iOS 10, many users criticized Apple for removing the iconic “Slide to Unlock” feature. Now, by default, you have to press the Home button to enter your password and unlock your iPhone, but did you know that there is another method? You can press the lock button and use the Touch ID (or password) if you activate the “Place finger to open” option in Settings> General> Accessibility> Start button .

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Background updates

If you want to save a good percentage of battery power throughout the day, it is essential that you disable the background update of some applications that you do not use. This feature of iOS 10 has been found to consume a lot of battery power. To do this, simply go to Settings> General> Background Update and disable those apps you don’t usually use.

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We hope you found these iOS 10 tips useful, and remember that you can participate in the feedback section to share your favorite iPhone and iPad features.

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