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Make more use of FaceTime

FaceTime, that green icon that is just a native application and to which many times we don’t pay attention as much as we should. It’s just a way to communicate in a totally multimedia way, using voice (audio FaceTime) or voice and video (video FaceTime) Yes, it was there before WhatsApp introduced audio and video calls, so it’s almost a pioneer in this area .

If you are using an iPhone, FaceTime automatically records the phone number. To also register your email address on your iPhone, press Settings, then FaceTime , use your Apple ID to FaceTime and log in. For use on an iPad or iPod Touch, use your Apple ID to sign in. In the case of the iPhone I always recommend that you register your email as well, as you may find yourself wanting to do FaceTime with an iPad, iPod or Mac, which do not allow the functionality of the phone. If you didn’t know, you may have multiple email addresses registered, be it personal, work, etc.

Make more use of FaceTime
Make more use of FaceTime

Can we take advantage of it? Without a doubt, since we can come across very different cases. Despite the fact that more and more companies are offering unlimited voice rates, sometimes what you feel like doing is making a video call to that relative you have on the other side of the world and that you don’t see very often. There’s FaceTime to help you, it’s not the same to be able to listen as it is to be able to listen and see. And why should we deny it, if we’re lucky enough to have a Wi-Fi network nearby we avoid using our data rate. Even so, the consumption of these in the application is not too high.

There are other users, including myself, who have a great data rate, but limited minutes, FaceTime is the best choice if you don’t want to end your calling time. And believe me when I tell you that the voice and image quality is superior to its competitors , the delay and echoes, if the connection is adequate, is excellent. As an extra I add that it is possible to block, as with the phone, unwanted contacts to avoid inconvenience.

Let’s not overlook the benefits of this simple but powerful application, usually because of the hustle and bustle of our daily lives we throw more phone or WhatsApp away. There comes a time when you do need to be able to take a little time and say hello to your relative, or to your child who you have from Erasmus in Poland, via FaceTime. And what Apple is preparing for the next iOS update includes a FaceTime that gets our teeth in a sling. It is already known that a picture is worth a thousand words.

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