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Make Google Chrome the leading browser on iOS

As you know, this week two of Google’s most popular applications have been released on the App Store, and both of them are free. We are talking about Google Drive and Chrome, the popular browser of the Mountain View. A lot has been said about the improvements and the facilities that it presents for browsing, but in this post we are going to talk about other complements that will give us more possibilities, which will make us adopt Chrome as our default browser.

One of the recent developments in the iOS world has been the arrival of two of Google’s most important applications. We talked about it at the launch, and the arrival of both Google Drive and Chrome, is a blow to the table of Mountain View with which they imply that although Apple leaves aside Google Maps as support in its future version of iOS 6 , still have much to say.

Make Google Chrome the leading browser on iOS
Make Google Chrome the leading browser on iOS

And this time we’re going to focus on Chrome, the popular browser now coming to the App Store . For those who don’t know it, which won’t be many, Chrome is the web browser created by Google that in a very short time has become one of the most used surpassing our beloved Firefox and getting dangerously close to the omnipresent Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

One of the advantages of Chrome is its ease of use, its lightness and above all, something I love in its Android and now iOS versions, offers a “total navigation experience” . By this I mean that if you are using Chrome under your Google account, on your laptop for example, and you leave it by closing the lid, those tabs or open pages automatically become open if you want to in the “portable” version of the same browser, so you can follow the same place you left the task.

We continue with the advantages and another one, although it is true that other browsers like Firefox already bring this, is the possibility of importing markers from the desktop version . Very practical when browsing that saves us time and trouble of having to add those markers again.


But there is always a but; in this case the but is that Chrome is not the default browser in iOS and cannot be unless officially . Every application that requires the opening of a page or tab leads us irretrievably to Safari. But now this can change only for those users who have their device with Jailbreak and make use of a free tweak from Cydia called BrowserChooser .

With this utility a tab appears in the settings screen that allows us to set which browser we want to use by default by all applications within iOS . So, those that previously referred to Safari, now will refer to Firefox, Dolphin or in this case Chrome. Even in all the applications that put Open in Safari , change the name of Safari to Chrome.

Its installation is very simple. Just add the following repository on Cydia and add the tweak free BrowserChooser .



But that's not all, and Chrome's chances of improvement through Cydia don't end here. Chromizer is another tweak that allows us to add three extra features to improve the usability of Chrome. We're talking about full screen navigation , slide to refresh and, this one for iPad only: the improves the scrolling between tabs implementing the same system that Chrome uses on the iPhone.

Full-screen navigation is a joy, as allows it to be used in both portrait and landscape mode . Furthermore, by tapping with three fingers you can enter or exit this mode. To install Chromizer, we don't have to add a repository, as Modmyi already comes by default on Cydia.

And with add-ons like this, the use of the browser becomes much more efficient and practical. The negative part is that we have to have the device with jailbreak done, with all the good and less good that it supposes , although, many of the advances that appear in Cydia, end up being taken from the official applications, so in the end the end user is the beneficiary.

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