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.Mail, the next application to manage emails to be considered


Mail, the OS X mail application, has improved a lot on Mountain Lion; but for most of us it’s not enough. Is there any hope? Yes, and it is a new mail manager in development called .Mail .

.Mail, the next application to manage emails to be considered
.Mail, the next application to manage emails to be considered

Mail (pronounced DotMail being dot dot in English) was born as a simple concept, a proposal to improve e-mail by the designer Tobias van Schneider. Tobias emphasizes the same thing that most people who want to give e-mail a boost say: it has changed almost nothing since the seventies.

Its interface, as you can see in the image above, is quite similar to Sparrow’s. Side columns to manage our inboxes and our emails, and a main right zone where you can read the messages. These are prioritized with a method based on three buttons , avoiding the use of labels or marked messages from other mail services.

Attachments to all emails can be managed from one place, just like a Finder window. But perhaps one of the most interesting features is that .Mail will be able to detect news emails from services like Twitter or Facebook and convert them into simple notifications , saving us both time and clicks to deal with those messages.

We are still in a phase where it has simply been confirmed that the .Mail concept will become a reality, so we will have to be patient for the developers to create the application from Van Schneider’s ideas. In the meantime, we can always give Mail another chance by taking advantage of all the improvements it brings with OS X Mountain Lion.

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