Magic, first trailer of the new Om Nom title

The App Store and the Play Store have managed to bring games that have become tremendous successes to the world. Maybe the first big success that we all remember is Angry Birds, although later many others arrived like Candy Crash, Monument Valley, Plants Vs. Zombies, etc, etc… But this time we don’t want to talk about those titles, but about another one that also became a tremendous success and that now releases a new installment with trailer included: Cut the Rope .

Everyone agrees that one of the great successes of Cut the Rope was the creation of a friendly and tireless character. Om Nom, as the main character in this series of games is called, is a green character addicted to candy that will surely sound familiar.

Magic, first trailer of the new Om Nom title
Magic, first trailer of the new Om Nom title

ZeptoLab, the developers of the game, already announced last October the launch of a new Cut the Rope game on the occasion of its fifth anniversary, but it is not until now that we can see the first trailer of the new game: Cut the Rope: Magic .

In the first trailer of Cut the Rope: Magic we see Om Nom very entertaining looking through a book and eating candy when suddenly his friends appear in it. As he turns the page, the bad guy in the delivery appears and steals his candies, and he follows them to try to get them back.

At the moment this is all we know about the new release of Cut the Rope, although we won’t have to wait long to know more details. The new release will be available in app stores from December 17th , when we will be able to enjoy it on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and other mobile devices with Android as operating system.

Do you miss new adventures with Om Nom in Cut the Rope? Then get ready, you’ll soon have them.

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