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Magic Charger, induction charger for Magic Mouse


As you can see in the video that accompanies the input, the installation of a battery instead of the two conventional batteries is done in a jiffy, from there with putting the Magic Mouse on the charging base (regardless of position) it is charged. The pack Magic Charger by Mobee consists of a base plus battery is worth 50 euros, plus 15 shipping costs , which you can buy in the online store (after registration, the link below, accept PayPal), although it is expected that they put it on sale in the main Apple Store, saving us the shipping.

Magic Charger, induction charger for Magic Mouse
Magic Charger, induction charger for Magic Mouse

They are also selling a replacement battery for 29 euros more , which doesn’t give me good vibrations, will the battery not last long after several recharges? I don’t know, guys, the idea is great and the base seems to me aesthetically and practically very good, but I don’t know how reliable it can be in the long run.

Update : as some of you told me we already talked about this a few months ago, however now they are showing and promoting it at the Las Vegas show and it is already available internationally through their website, as they have been opening distributors all over the world since the presentation of the product.

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