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macZOT! and viernes 13


To compensate for the fact that today is Friday 13th, the day of bad luck for the Anglo-Saxon countries, equivalent to our Tuesday 13th, macZOT! is going to make a very good offer. It’s going to put on sale 13 excellent applications, at the price of $13. Some of these applications are DEVONThink Personal, Disco, AppZapper and RapidWeaver, as you can see a more than good offer.

macZOT! and viernes 13
macZOT! and viernes 13

For this you only need to be registered at macZOT! (if you are not, it is a good opportunity to do so) and keep an eye on the clock, because the sale will only last 13 minutes. The buy button will appear on the page at exactly 1:13pm Pacific Time. If I don’t get my math wrong, as Pacific Time is 7 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time, and with Daylight Saving Time, it will be 22:13 Spanish Time. So you know, sign up for macZOT! if you haven’t already, set an alarm clock, or count the time, and prepare your credit card. Rarely will you buy such good programs at this price.

Edited : There is a countdown on the page. At 20:50 Madrid time there is 1 hour and 37 minutes left for the sale to begin. From what the page says, the pack of 13 applications is the one that sells for 13 dollars. The complete list of applications is as follows. DEVONthink Personal, Disco, AppZapper, RapidWeaver, Home Business Trio 2007, iClip 4, Dockstar, Socialist, BookDog, Meander, Audiobook Builder, iWorkout, Soulver

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