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MacX MediaTrans, fast data transfer between iPhone and Mac

In TodoAppleBlog we always insist on the importance of backing up our data regularly. The main reason for this recommendation is to avoid data loss in case of problems with our devices, but that is not the only reason. Backing up is also very important, for example, to switch to one of the new iPhone 7 or to avoid problems before performing complex tasks such as updating the operating system, especially when we switch from one version to another (from iOS 9 to iOS 10 for example).

With MacX MediaTrans for Mac these tasks are easy and fast to perform. This software allows you to manage your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch files individually and thanks to it you can transfer photos, videos or music between your computer and your iOS device at high speed . This is a paid program, but at the moment there is a draw going on with 1,000 free copies every day until it is finished.

Possibilities of MacX MediaTrans

MacX MediaTrans, fast data transfer between iPhone and MacMacX MediaTrans, fast data transfer between iPhone and Mac

As we said, MacX MediaTrans allows us to manage our iDevice files individually . By this we mean that we can manage, one by one, each photo, music file, video, etc, etc… in a computer-iDevice and also iDevice-computer sense. This is something that iTunes doesn’t allow and in many cases is tremendously useful.

Transferring photos between iPhone and Mac is one of their main claims. Doing it with this software is much faster than with other alternatives, but this is not the only thing it does. It also allows us to transfer music between the device and the Mac (or the Mac and the device), whether it’s entire albums or individual songs. Another option is the possibility of using the internal memory of our device as a pendrive to store any type of file.

One of the features that we liked the most and that we want to comment on in detail is the video transfer function. The reason is not only that it allows us to transfer videos from our Macs to iDevice, but also that converts any video to MP4 , an iOS-compatible format, and reduces the file size without loss of quality to be consumed on the screen of our iPhone or iPad.

How to manage videos with MacX MediaTrans

The video management section of the program is very powerful and allows us to transfer any type of video to a format compatible with our iDevices . Thanks to this we can play the videos from the Video app without having to install any other application from the App Store.

The use of this feature is simple and we explain it step by step below:

1.- Open MacX MediaTrans and click on Video .

Click on Add video to select the videos you want to synchronize or drag them to the program window.

3.- The videos that do not have a compatible format will show a warning and a blue button with the text Convert on which we must click.

4.- Click on the Sync at the bottom right and the files will be passed to the iOS device connected to the computer.

That’s it, after taking these steps, the videos will appear inside the iOS Native Videos app and we’ll be able to play them without any problem.

How to get a free MacX MediaTrans license

We certainly believe that this software is very useful for all owners of iOS devices, especially for those of us who are used to passing files between it and our computers. It makes this kind of tasks much easier and allows us to do it in a much faster way than with iTunes or the MacOS Photos app.

The usual price of the program is $59.95, but at this moment there is a draw going on with which you can get totally free . You can enter from here if you use a Mac or from this link if you use Windows and the chances of getting a license are quite high, as is giving away 1,000 licenses every day .