MacPaw launches DevMate, the platform for OS X developers


Application development has changed a lot in recent years. Not only in the tools available but mainly in the distribution methods. Currently making use of the App Store or Mac App Store is the norm but there are still reasons to distribute outside of Apple stores. And no, it’s not just because of the percentage of the final price that they take away.

MacPaw launches DevMate, the platform for OS X developers
MacPaw launches DevMate, the platform for OS X developers

When a developer doesn’t choose to be on the Mac App Store, they have the option to offer updates at a lower price if they already have the previous version of their App. This on the Mac App Store doesn’t happen so they either play with promotional pricing during the first few days or nothing at all. There is also the issue of review, when going through the filters of Apple there are apps that do not overcome them by touching parts of the system or do something in a way that the company does not like. Therefore they are rejected. In short, reasons to look for alternative solutions. One of them will be DevMate by MacPaw .

DevMate, an environment for app development and distribution

MacPaw has released DevMate, a platform for OS X developers that aims to greatly simplify their lives. For this purpose, it will have an SDK and a Dashboard that will allow different actions that affect both the development and the distribution of an application.

With the SDK, DevMateKit, you will be able to easily integrate application activations, statistical data collection as uses and even error reporting that will allow you to troubleshoot and polish your developments.

Then, in the Dashboard, you will be able to know all that information in a fast and complete way to always have a clear vision of how it is developing, using and evolving. With all this information you will not only have data for future decisions but also for possible strategies to obtain more positive results.

One more help for the developer

If you’re clear that being in the Mac App Store and App Store is the best thing ever. Apple already offers tools to monitor the applications you upload to its stores. But if you wanted an option to distribute outside of them, DevMate might be right for you.

With a very visual and clear design, the MacPaw development environment has another important advantage and that is that you only pay for what you use . Depending on the number of users who download and launch your application, the monthly price is calculated. So if you want to test how well it works and see all its options you don’t have to worry as it won’t cost you anything.

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