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Macessity Laptuk Stand, video analysis

Macessity Laptuk Stand

Couple this with Apple’s attractive new unibody notebook range, and we understand the statistics. But this also means having less space on the table , having to place a laptop on a lift or a stand next to the monitor. A solution to this problem is the Macessity Laptuk Stand , which you can see in the video above.

Macessity Laptuk Stand, video analysis
Macessity Laptuk Stand, video analysis

Basically, the Laptuk Stand allows you to place a MacBook or MacBook Pro (which can be unibody or the previous generation thanks to its measurements and its openings) underneath it, saving a lot of space.

Its design is made of steel, which is very much (though not 100%) in line with the anodized aluminium of Apple’s notebook range, and as it is a robust piece it can support up to 16 kg on top (we can put an Apple LED Cinema Display in it without any problem).

As disadvantages we have to point out the slight increase of frequency in which the computer uses its fans to cool itself (it also depends on whether there is a wall behind the computer or not), and the small inconvenience of having to disconnect and reconnect the computer’s cables every time we want to take it out of the stand.

The LaptuK Stand has a price of 40 dollars in its official store , although if we live in Spain we can save millions of dollars in shipping costs if we buy it in Macnificos for 46.90 euros.

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