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MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo: Primeras impresiones

Finally, the oldest model of Mac with Intel processors has been revamped. It was the “One more thing…” at this year’s MacWorld, and now it’s time for the new Core 2 Duo , which slightly increases processing power and manages energy more efficiently.

The new laptops have been a true revision : The unforgivable bug of removing the FW800 from the initial model, and a dual 6x DVD writer (finally!) has been corrected. In addition, the capacity of the hard drives has been increased, although some 7200 rpm models are missing. The largest capacity, 200GB, goes to 4200 rpm, making the 160GB 5200 rpm model more attractive in my opinion, thanks to the good capacity/speed ratio. The external appearance has not changed: practically indistinguishable from the first MacBook Pro, let’s hope it warms up less and doesn’t suffer from any aesthetic problems, or any of the problems of the previous review.

MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo: Primeras impresiones
MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo: Primeras impresiones

Another very remarkable thing is that it seems that Apple has finally decided to get its hands on the RAM, and now they all come with 1GB in the basic model. All this without significantly increasing the price from the previous revision, which makes them very attractive to the potential buyer.

A weak point ( to say the least ): the graph. Perhaps a new model of graphics card would have rounded off more of the juicy pie that represented yesterday’s surprise. Anyway, and in my opinion, an amazing laptop .

Of course… I’ll tell you… I bought one yesterday after half an hour of going out…

As soon as I get it, exclusive first-hand articles about the new Mac at Apple … I’ve already got the camera ready.

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