MacBook Pro 2018 i9 Processor Begins to Give Users Trouble

The 15-inch MacBook Pro 2018 features Apple’s ability to integrate an eighth-generation 6-core 2.9GHz Intel Core i9 processor for the professional photo and video editor. Although this is one of the best processors that we find in the market, it seems that is giving several problems related to the temperature that would be very high in the last Apple Macs because does not have a proper ventilation for this processor, and the temperature that it can reach at maximum power.

Yesterday afternoon Dave Lee published a video talking about a MacBook Pro with an Intel Core i9 that he acquired showing the various tests he performed. According to what we can see in this video the processor can’t maintain its maximum speed when you are doing an intense work like 4K video editing.

MacBook Pro 2018 i9 Processor Begins to Give Users Trouble
MacBook Pro 2018 i9 Processor Begins to Give Users Trouble

One test that has caught our attention in this video is the one made with the program Premiere Pro, that is used for video editing. This YouTuber put a video to render on a MacBook Pro with an i9 , taking 39 minutes to complete this operation. On a MacBook Pro with a previous generation Intel Core i7 processor it took 35 minutes. As you can see, on the new MacBook with the best processor it takes longer to render the same video.

If it is true that Premiere is not optimized for MacOS, but when doing this same test with the MacBook Pro 2018 in a freezer, the video was rendered in 27 minutes, a quite remarkable difference if we compare it with the previous data.

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This makes us think that the ventilation of the latest Apple Mac is not adequate for a processor that is so powerful when we are doing a demanding job, something that makes the whole computer overheat and the speed is lower in order to avoid problems in the internal components of the device.

We don’t understand why Apple didn’t test this architecture before updating its MacBook Pro range, as there is a limitation in the ventilation of the equipment, something we will surely see reported in several reviews.

Will Apple have the decency to open an investigation into this problem and listen to the users? We hope that this time they will not try to turn their backs on the users.

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