MacBook Air with Wi-Fi issues are replaced

Apple wants to quickly fix defective MacBook Airs that are causing Wi-Fi problems. To that end, they have sent an internal communication to all Apple stores, and all employees have been instructed to immediately replace any equipment that comes in with Wi-Fi issues, and that these defective MacBook Airs will be sent to Apple for analysis.

We told you the other day that the new MacBook Air was experiencing problems with its 802.11ac Wi-Fi connection. But Apple has reacted quickly and they’re already taking action on the Apple Store .

MacBook Air with Wi-Fi issues are replaced
MacBook Air with Wi-Fi issues are replaced

In fact, an internal communication has been leaked to its employees through 9to5Mac, telling them that customers who come with a new generation 11-inch or 13-inch MacBook Air are immediately entitled to a brand new replacement .

What is not known is whether they are being delivered special, trouble-free checked MacBook Air or simply given a normal computer that may continue to fail.

As is protocol, we ask that no equipment be accepted if it shows signs of abuse, being beaten or if it has become wet. Apple takes these precautions because wants to analyze all the computers that are failing to fix the problems , which seem to be much more serious than we think, because it seems that a pretty important fault has come out.

It may be that as a result of this we see lots of MacBook Air (mid 2013) in the Apple Store of refurbished computers, because they say you can count by thousands the affected computers, and surely Apple does not throw them away and try to fix them for resale .

As always, the service they offer at the Apple stores for this type of problem is to remove the hat, giving customers a replacement team immediately and without any additional cost . Any other company would force us to send it to the technical service, and leave us almost a month without a computer while they evaluate the problems.

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