MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 2015 Benchmarks

Just one day after the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro refresh, we have the first performance benchmarks. We weren’t expecting any big performance leaps as this is a simple update to the Intel processor range , nothing more. These have been subjected to the famous Geekbench, and have been compared to the mid-2014 model.

The MacBook Pro from 13″ (early 2015) features a 2.7GHz processor that scored 3043 points in the single-core test and 6448 in the multi-core test , down from last year’s MacBook Pro, which scored 3056 points in single-core and 6554 in multi-core.

MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 2015 Benchmarks
MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 2015 Benchmarks

The 11-inch Intel Core i5 1.6GHz MacBook Air delivers 2753 points for single-core and 5486 points for multicore , up slightly from the model (mid 2014), which scored 2430 and 5291 points for single-core and multicore, respectively. The Air’s 13-inch model also scored slightly lower.

It’s strange that new computers show lower numbers, more so when they have a new range of Intel processors. However, the explanation could be in Apple itself, which has captured these processors. Let’s remember that the new computers offer more autonomy than before, so that’s where the shots could go .

According to Geekbench, these lower scoring computers should be improved in the future through new OS X Yosemite upgrades that take advantage of power more efficiently. We will have to wait until later to determine the final power more accurately. As I say, the results are as expected since Intel’s main focus has been to improve battery life in this latest batch from Broadwell.

Where they do improve on the latest generation is in graphics – now the HD 6000s – and in flash storage. Specifically, the 13-inch MacBook Pro is in theory 40% more powerful than the previous generation , thanks to the Intel Iris 6100.

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