MacBook Air 2018 camera has a major problem

The FaceTime camera on the new MacBook Air 2018 is leaving a rather decaffeinated taste to the new users who have acquired this notebook, as it seems that the quality is not as expected. More and more users are adding to the complaint that the quality of this camera is quite mediocre stating that is better than the camera of the MacBook Pro from 5 years ago.

One of our readers, Victor, has sent us this complaint stating that many users are reporting that the camera on this MacBook Air 2018 looks worse than a 480p camera.

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MacBook Air 2018 camera has a major problem
MacBook Air 2018 camera has a major problem

Such have been the complaints that the Apple discussion forum has generated a quite busy topic that already stores 8 pages explaining this problem where suggestions have been given to solve this problem and it seems that all of them have been in vain.

The iPhoneinCanada media has collected the following statement from one of its readers which is quite clear:

My daughter just bought a 2018 MacBook Air announced with a FaceTime HD (720p) camera. Clearly the camera’s image quality isn’t HD, it looks worse than a 480p. It’s much worse than the quality of our old 2012 MacBook Pro which is supposed to have the same resolution as the camera.

As we said, there are numerous recommendations to improve the image quality, but the vast majority of users after following all the steps have seen that the results are the same . In this tweet you can appreciate the very bad quality of the camera.

And the following image published by “Laflaqua” shows the poor quality offered by the latest Apple laptop , which has a price of over 1300 euros.

From La Manzana Mordida we want to give voice to this problem that for us is quite serious . The first thing is that we do not understand why the resolution of the camera has not improved in the least in all these years. Making a video conference with this camera is a torture because of the blur that can be seen and with this extra problem it is very difficult to believe that we are in front of a laptop that exceeds the barrier of 1000 euros.

We are not aware of whether this problem can be solved through a software update or would require a camera replacement. We hope that in the coming weeks Apple will provide an explanation of this issue, and of course we’ll let you know the details.

Is this a CameraGatte? Is this the same for your MacBook Air 2018? Tell us about your experience in the comment box.

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