Mac sales plunge 11% this quarter by one estimate

Already many analysts have dared to give a forecast of Apple’s fourth fiscal quarter economic results. Remember that Apple announced that on November 1 will publish its accounts for this last quarter , but these forecasts give a bad result to Macs that would have seen their sales reduced again.

Awaiting official data from Apple, Gartner today published a study stating that Mac sales have declined in the last quarter by 11%.

Mac sales plunge 11% this quarter by one estimate
Mac sales plunge 11% this quarter by one estimate

This would have caused the market share of Macs to decline as well, encouraging other brands that incorporate Windows as an operating system to continue to increase their market share.

Why have sales of this device been reduced? There are several reasons, starting with how outdated the entry-level Macs are for those users who don’t require a MacBook Pro for their daily tasks. We hope they’ll get this fixed with a new device later this month that will replace the MacBook Air paper in the market.

Obviously the price is also a very important factor that makes users not opt for a Mac when buying a laptop. Everyone says that with what an Apple computer is worth, you can build a pretty powerful gaming PC, and we do not deny it, but we must remember that this price includes many services.

To all this we must also add the rise in sales of the iPad which can become an ideal device for the most basic users, and of course the collapse of the laptop market in all brands, not just Apple.

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