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Mac sales grow again in a declining computer market

¿Cómo debemos contar las ventas de los Mac en comparación con las de los PC?

Normally, when we talk about the sales in the computer market , we are used to reporting an Apple that gets some advantage when the total average sales go down. In January, however, we were surprised to see this reversed and it seemed that Apple was “pushing” the whole market to grow again. Had we reached the minimum sales and would we see stability thereafter?

Mac sales grow again in a declining computer market
Mac sales grow again in a declining computer market

Apparently not. According to AppleInsider, worldwide computer sales are once again negative. Only a few companies, including Apple, report growth . Gartner estimates that around 4.26 million Macs have been sold during the first quarter of the year.

That puts Cupertino’s company in fourth position, which it maintains after it overtook Asus two months ago. In the end that translates into Apple having a 6.9% market share in the world computer market. We insist: all these are Gartner’s estimates and not official figures.

We will know the official figures on May 1st, when Apple will communicate its financial results for the second fiscal quarter. It will be hard to move from that fourth position, although Macs are no longer exactly Apple’s mainstay. Even the sale of accessories is proving to have more volume.

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