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Mac OS X with support for Windows applications in the future?

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Evidence has been found that in the development of Leopard, the possibility of Mac OSX being able to run Windows applications naturally was investigated in , without the need for virtualization.

In fact, it seems that some initial phases of Windows executable management are present in Leopard and there is even talk of Mac OS X 10.5 having processes that look for the DLLs needed to launch a windowsero executable (a .exe, to be clear). And not only that but it seems that all this is not documented by Apple , so one of two: either it is a trifle, something that has no impact and it is some test phase of the iTunes, Quicktime and Safari versions that do have a Windows version or this is something much more “fat” that will allow in the future to launch Windows applications natively on OS X.

Mac OS X with support for Windows applications in the future?Mac OS X with support for Windows applications in the future?

It could also be some Coherence mode within the same operating system , so that through the Bootcamp partition it would be able to launch Windows executables while under OS X. Perhaps this is a move to eat away at Parallels and Fusion by offering similar features in the same operating system.

Anyway, Apple is not supposed to make any moves soon, thinking that they have just released Bootcamp as a final version in Leopard and that in my point of view taking out this functionality could mean a very hard blow to all the development that has been done with Bootcamp.

As you can see all speculation and rumour there is nothing clear about the subject and it doesn’t seem that Apple has any intention of clarifying anything about it… Do you want to just speculate? Some freak who is seeing ghosts where there are none? Unimportant details? Will we have another surprise from Apple in January? Will this news matter much if it is confirmed? Would Apple’s sales increase? Would it be a gateway to viruses, trojans and so on to the mac world? All this and much more in the comments.