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Mac OS X Maintenance

Keeping your computer in an optimal state is something we all try with more or less luck. At Apple we’ve already talked about various maintenance tools to achieve this. Is that all it takes?

Mac OS X Maintenance
Mac OS X Maintenance

Let’s look at different actions to avoid slowing down and possible malfunctioning of our equipment. The first thing is to take into account different aspects.

Virtual Memory

System performance is not only dependent on your system’s own files or the applications and updates you install, it is also affected by the data on your hard drive.

Nowadays, regardless of the capacity of the hard disk and despite it seems enormous we always end up filling it up. Our system reserves a 10% of the hard disk capacity for use as virtual memory .

Therefore it is good to always reserve a percentage . To achieve this we can pass information that we don’t use often to an external hard drive and if we don’t have it then compress it, a practice that also helps the organization.

If you choose to compress, try to use names that give you enough information to know what’s inside. In addition to inserting a comment to help Spotlight search, press command + i . And if you’re using Mac OS X Leopard, you can install a plugin for Quicklook that allows you to view the content or Ziplight that allows you to search within the archive, which is only compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 or higher.
Another good practice is to keep your desk clear. If you have a lot of files on it you can slow down; create a folder and put those files inside. Additionally you will gain order.

Permit repair

A good practice whenever we update the system or install new applications is to repair permissions . Mac OS X is based on UNIX which means that every folder, file, . has permissions that depend on the type of user. Sometimes bad installations, sudden shutdowns or wrong modifications by the user can alter these permissions causing malfunction (applications that don’t start because they don’t have access to other files,…) and even restarts.

To repair them there are applications like Onyx, Cocktail, Main Menu ,…. and by default in Mac OS X we have the Disk Utility .

Review preferences

There are several preference folders. One located in LibraryPreferences and the other within the user’s folder UserLibraryPreferences . Sometimes these are corrupted causing errors. To fix these we can delete them and when we launch the application again they will be recreated. Anyway, make a backup of those folders just in case.

Preference panel

Many applications are installed within the system preference panel such as Add-ons , an example is Growl. Sometimes over time we don’t use all of the plugins that we install. So, it’s good to check back from time to time as we can remove add-ons that start processes we no longer use.

Maintenance Scripts

They are small tasks that the system routinely performs and removes log files, cache, … Aplicaciones para mantener tu Mac

Repair disc

If after all the above, our team is still the same, it is advisable to check the status of the hard disk. To do this, go to Disk Utilities and click on Check Disk.

If, once the process is finished, we have to move on to repair it, we will do so in the following way. Obviously, we cannot repair the disk from the same disk that we are loading the operating system. Therefore, we have several options:

  • Boot from your computer’s recovery disk or Mac OS X. And launch the disk utility that we can find in the utilities menu on the top bar.
  • Install AppleJack or directly start it in verbose mode by pressing command + s as soon as the computer is turned on. Once started we type: sbinfsck – and press enter, the action will be performed and we will get a result. If this is “FILESYSTEMWASMODIFIED” we must repeat the operation until we get an OK.
  • The last option is to use tools like DiskWarrior. A complete application for emergency cases that we will talk about later, its license costs 99 dollars.

All these tips and procedures are the ones I usually use, by this I do not mean that there are not better or alternative methods. I hope it will help you to keep your team in good health. And if you know anything else, we would appreciate your contributions.

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