Mac OS X Lion, more aesthetic changes

As we know Mac OS X Lion has long been in ” beta ” or developer-only phase. A few days ago this version of the operating system saw its third update and brings with it a number of new improvements including a redesigned login screen, the read function, some new wallpapers and other minor tweaks. We are seeing more and more stability changes as well as aesthetics in Lion; and I really think that despite its great resemblance to iOS in some aspects it will be worthwhile.


Mac OS X Lion, more aesthetic changes
Mac OS X Lion, more aesthetic changes

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As we can see in the image at the top of this post, it has some new icons for shutdown, restart and sleep at the bottom. But what certainly “hits” a bit is seeing the apple logo above the login image. However, I think it’s smart to change this, as the login screen was already a bit bland.

Another great advance, is the great reading feature in Safari , we can find it thanks to the small icon that we will see at the top left, the icon that will represent a pair of glasses. Once we click on the icon, a fairly intuitive user interface will appear. It will show us a list of articles in which it will differentiate the ones that we will have read or the ones that we will not have read, conserving a great similarity with the iOS Instapaper.

In addition, this update brings a number of stability fixes that make the overall system performance better. In addition, new wallpapers have been added to those already known. These enjoy resolutions of up to 3200×2000 pixels, suggesting that the Retina Display isn’t as far away from the Mac as we thought.


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