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Mac OS X Leopard: Interfaz – Mac OS X Leopard: Desktop

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Mac OS X Leopard: Interfaz
Mac OS X Leopard: Interfaz


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  • The menu bar is now semi-transparent and its menus are shown with slightly rounded edges.
  • A desktop completely free of icons whose one function becomes that of a digital photo frame perfectly integrated with iPhoto.
  • To compensate this cleanliness of the desktop, Apple has introduced the new function of Stacks, groups of documents and applications superimposed on each other occupying the space of a single icon that are displayed with a single click forming an arched column or, if too many, distributed in rows and columns. Ideal for those of us who like to have everything in order, we can create stacks by dragging groups of files to the dock or automatically when we download from Safari or save the files attached to an email.
  • Speaking of icons, you’re gonna love the Leopards. They’ve undergone a major facelift and now preview their content regardless of whether it’s an image, video, text document, presentation or PDF file.
  • The background of the Dock acquires perspective to become a platform on which everything close to it is reflected (both the application windows and the very icons it houses). As a curiosity, the classic arrow to indicate that an application is running has been replaced by a kind of brightness in the reflection.
  • The active window will be easier to identify than ever, showing a more intense shadow than the rest.
  • And finally, something we’ve known for a long time, Leopard’s interface will maintain a minimum of consistency across the entire system and be independent of the resolution we use. So we say goodbye to Aqua and its Brushed Metal variant to salute the metal-grading style already present in iTunes 7. My only doubt in this regard is about Aperture and its beautiful black interface… I imagine that some mixing will always exist.

Any questions? No problem. A video is worth a thousand words so don’t miss this demonstration of the desktop, the dock and the stacks .

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