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Mac mini por iFixit Teardown

iFixit has already been able to access one of the new Mac mini, and the first thing that will surprise us about this update is that they’ve made it harder to access than ever before. This is quite contradictory considering that Apple has not modified in a single iota its external appearance , so we arrive at a puzzle as to why they have modified the interior so much to make it more difficult for the user to access.

The 2012 Mac mini, despite being Apple’s smallest Mac, had by far the best repairability rating. Access to RAM was as simple as turning a lid, and hard drives were relatively easy to change. However, in this generation both the RAM and the processor have been soldered to the board, and to access the hard disk you need to unmount the entire computer

Mac mini por iFixit Teardown
Mac mini por iFixit Teardown

For example, previously the bottom cover was removed by simply turning it with your fingers. Now you need a plastic tool to press it out. As soon as we took it off we had very easy access to the RAM modules, without the need for tools . We now have a metal cover that holds the antenna of the AirPort, and a lot of available space that used to be occupied by the sockets in the RAM.

It is clear that this is a trick on the part of Apple, which does not want us to be able to expand the memory of its computers, thus making us invest more at the beginning or change computers in the future when we fall short . Another new feature, already present in other Macs, is the replacement of SATA connectors with other PCIe connectors for storage drives.

The power supply remains unchanged from the 2012 model, and most notably, now features a higher quality Cirrus Logic audio chip, like the one we’ve seen on MacBook Air and Mac Pro , which improves on what we’ve seen so far. We can’t forget that the new fan uses the asymmetrical technology that has been used in laptops for some years now, which allows it to reduce its operating noise.

The only good thing about Mac mini is that is still glue-free in its assembly , making it very easy to access. The final score is 6 out of 10, compared to 8 out of 10 for the previous 2012 model.

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