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Mac mini, a revamped interior with promising performance

I’m sure many of you are waiting until tomorrow to order the new iPad mini. However, even though the new MacBook Pro 13″ and the Mac mini upgrade were introduced at the same time as the new tablet, they’re already available to everyone who wants them, which has led to first impressions and benchmarks for them. Here are the benchmarks for Apple’s little tablet, so come on in and take a look inside!

It’s only been 48 hours since Tim Cook and Phil Schiller took to the stage at the San Jose Theater and the first reviews of the smaller member of the Mac family have come to light, showing a Mac mini very similar in appearance to the 2011 model but with some benchmarks that make it clear that the upgrade to its hardware has significantly improved its performance.

Mac mini, a revamped interior with promising performance
Mac mini, a revamped interior with promising performance

Let’s start by taking a quick look inside, which has undergone a remarkable improvement in its processor, memory and connectivity . As we have already explained, the smallest desktop from the Californian company has adopted the latest generation of Intel Ivy Bridge processors (specifically an i5 dual-core and an i7 quad-core ), has seen its RAM increased by two times (up to 16 GB at a speed of 1600MHz) and its storage system now offers greater possibilities both in physical (up to 2TB and use of Fusion Drive) and solid (512 GB SSD limit) formats; all of them advances that have not meant any change in its design both externally and internally . In addition, if we take the magnifying glass we will notice a change that nobody had noticed until now: Apple has made some changes in the connections of the antennas wireless , which together with the new USB 3.0 ports make that the connectivity of the device has been improved to a great extent .

However, all these invaluable (visual) internal changes have allowed the tests carried out with Geekbench to determine substantial improvements in the performance of the equipment, with the increase with respect to the previous generation being especially notable in the advanced and server model , both with the most advanced processor. If we stick to the basic model, it has obtained 7433 points, which is an increase of 850 points with respect to last year’s Mac mini.

The new Mac mini, a computer that updates have made into a desktop to be reckoned with and which will delight the most demanding users.

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