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Mac App Store, visual tour and some curiosities of the store

The first big news of the year is already with us, the Mac App Store is available now and with it it’s only a matter of months before Mac OS X Lion arrives.

But back to the Mac OS X app store, have you installed it on your operating system yet? We’ve been installing and tinkering with all its possibilities for a few minutes now. In general, we’re not talking about anything revolutionary. Let’s just say that the way it works is very similar to the App Store inside iTunes.

Mac App Store, visual tour and some curiosities of the store
Mac App Store, visual tour and some curiosities of the store

And that’s why it’s more interesting to analyze some details of the application, such as its design or features (we remind you once again that this is the style that Lion will release) than the application itself. After the jump you have a few screenshots and curiosities of its operation.

Although in general terms nothing has changed much since the first screenshots of the application were shown a few months ago, the shop has a few interesting details:

  • Compatible with multi-touch gestures The shop, or rather the program, supports multi-touch gestures already available in Safari (but not in iTunes) so that we can browse the screens using two fingers to advance or pass the “pages” as if we were in a web browser.
  • Account associated with iTunes rather than the Mac App Store. The first time you buy an item, you’ll notice an interesting little detail. The account is associated with your iTunes Store account, so we’re talking about a separate appendix to the existing iTunes Store, but in this case Apple has decided to separate it into a separate interface.
  • More than attractive prices for cover versions from iOS. That is, the games that already existed in iOS, have been ported to Mac OS X maintaining a very attractive price scale and practically identical to the games for teams like the iPad, a great size of the young promises.
  • Prices are just as expensive in the previous programs. But the programs that already existed in Mac OS X have not made any extra effort in this aspect and have limited themselves to adding their applications without excessive changes and with prices identical to those already available in their own distribution media.
  • Program without any preferences. Have you searched the preferences of the Mac App Store? Don’t try, the program has no options available and only allows us to display more information about our user account via an Internet connection.
  • An application uninstaller is not included. The application is not able to help us in the task of deleting applications, we will have to do this task manually as before. Although if you delete an application, it does recognize that it is no longer on the system and offers you the possibility to download it again.
  • Applications are not updated if they have not been previously purchased in the store. I explain, for example my copy of iPhoto (bought and installed via a DVD) is not able to detect the existence of a new version of the program using the Mac App Store.

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