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Luminar 4, the photo retouching application that uses artificial intelligence

Everyone, to some degree, has edited a photograph . Because in the age of social networks we want our images to look their best. A little more contrast here, a little more brightness there, we adjust the sharpness, and voilà! The photo is now ready to be uploaded to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

These are some of the options that the most basic users tend to manipulate to try and get the best out of the snapshot. Those who have certain notions of editing or are professional photographers use other tricks to turn a “simple and ordinary” image into a work of art.

Luminar 4, the photo retouching application that uses artificial intelligence
Luminar 4, the photo retouching application that uses artificial intelligence

There are many editing software programs, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom being two of the most popular. However, for people with little or no knowledge, they can become “dumb” because of the many features and functions they offer. Luckily, there is easier software to use that can also achieve a good result , such as Luminar 4.

Skylum is a software development company dedicated to the creation of photo-related software. The two most popular are Aurora HDR and Luminar, being the latter the one we will focus on. Luminar has reached version 4 , and with it a lot of new features have been introduced to make our photos stand out from the rest.

Winner of multiple awards, the first thing that catches the eye of Luminar 4 is its interface. It is very intuitive and easy to use . The sections are very well organized so that we know where each of the functions included in the photo retouching suite is located. The side panel is divided into Essentials, Creative, Portrait and Professional , with the Layers and Canvas at the top, a section where you can Crop and Rotate, Erase and Clone and Print.

In the Creative section, the sky can be replaced by artificial intelligence, and the result is most curious.

As we said, with Luminar 4 you don’t have to be a brilliant editor to improve a photo. It has several “filters” or looks so that an image changes completely with just one click. There are different collections of looks depending on the type of photo we are editing. For example, in the collection Essentials we find the AI Image Enhancer , a preset that tries to get the most out of it without touching other settings like light (see photo above).

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All photo retouching programs allow you to change brightness, contrast, saturation, etc., and Luminar is no less, but the reason why it stands out is because it uses artificial intelligence to completely change the appearance of a landscape. It is in the Creative mode where we can give free rein to our imagination and play, for example, with replacing the sky with another one we like better: from a perfectly sunny day to a more melancholic one, through starry nights and outer space.

With the Portrait settings we can remove many of the imperfections of the face, such as dark circles or wrinkles (but better avoid the “porcelain skin” effect)

But if we prefer the portraits there is no problem, because Luminar 4 also has specific options to improve them. Face light, red eye removal, eyebrow enhancement or dark circles removal are some of the settings with which we can save any close-up photo, perfect for looking good in the LinkedIn profile photo.

With AI Structure it is possible to quickly develop parts of an image without damaging the rest, as it detects objects that could be seen in more detail and enhances them. It is able to detect people in a photograph and not over-process them, so faces and skins look more natural, while the background and surrounding objects look deeper.

Finally, another option to highlight, although it is present in other programs of the style, is the deletion of elements. We have a good photograph, but we would like to remove an element that appears on stage and “spoils” it. With this function we can remove it, although the final result will be better or worse depending on how the background is .

Luminar 4 is available for both Windows and Mac , either as a standalone application or as an add-on to Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop Elements or the MacOS Photos app. The following features are available in the Photos application (it comes standard with all Mac computers):

  • AI-powered tools
  • Layers and masks
  • More from Luminar Creative Looks
  • Deleting Objects According to Content
  • Layer transformation tool
  • More than 50 filters for color correction, creative effects and retouching
  • Supports RAW files
  • Non-Destructive Editing Extension
  • Photo tape emulation

The price of Luminar 4 starts from 89 euros , there are several packs with other programs or features.

Image (girl on the stairs)

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