Low Power Mode comes to the iPad with iPadOS 14

With the arrival of iPadOS 14 comes a function really useful for many circumstances: the Low Power Mode . With this mode the battery consumption of our iPad decreases significantly and the system is optimized so that we can use our iPad as long as possible.

The Low Power Mode has been with us for several years. On the iPhone it allows us to reduce the power consumption of the device by making several behavioral changes, such as disabling automatic app downloading, reducing background activity, or disabling mail checking . On the iPad, according to our first tests, the same thing is happening.

Low Power Mode comes to the iPad with iPadOS 14
Low Power Mode comes to the iPad with iPadOS 14

For now this mode is available for activation and deactivation only through Siri. It is expected that in the successive Apple betas will enable the corresponding section in the app Settings , as well as the warning when the battery drops below 20%.

With this feature, when we need to squeeze the most out of our iPad’s battery life, we can ask the system for it with a single touch. A feature that will certainly be welcome.

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With iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and Big Sur MacOS Apple has made several major changes, and in general we see a homogenization of functions in all systems. Each device is unique, but what we can do with them is something that goes beyond the device itself, they form an ecosystem. So far the Mac has not received this news, although we will be watching for surprises in the next beta versions.

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