Lots of software, services and new options at WWDC’13 . Rumorsphere

That it’s June means only one thing to all of the world’s machinists: this year’s WWDC is just around the corner and logically since MacWorld is no longer an event that Apple is a part of, June’s presentation has become the only sure thing every year.

With only 8 days to go before Tim Cook takes the stage to comment on the company’s latest developments, the rumours related to the presentation are not going away. Here are the most interesting ones:

  • After Tim C.’s statements this week at D11 it seems that this WWDC will be focused almost exclusively on software and with it the most important news will come from the two operating systems that the company has. On the one hand it is said that we will see the future of OS X which will be based more on new preferencesprograms than on aesthetic changes, just the opposite of iOS where it is expected that Apple will introduce the first real change in the design of the system since it was presented more than 6 years ago. Rumors point to this new “flat” design in which each color will have the main function of determining the type of application of the system, so visually we can know what application we are in without having to pay much attention. Let’s hope the change is interesting but mainly that Apple does not lose the identity created in iOS which is also important and a radical change could destroy it.
  • And while it is rumored by active and passive that we will not see any hardware presentations, we understand that rather referring to iOS devices, it seems quite feasible to see a new Mac Pro renovated at that event. Apple already “promised” some time ago that we would see a new version of this computer soon, remember that it has been more than two years since Apple introduced Thunderbolt to all its computers and the Mac Pro is still not compatible, and now would be the most appropriate time. Considering the focus of the conference this would be the most opportune time to show a team with such features. It seems that some American distributors, one of the few markets where the equipment is still sold, have a very low stock of such product which often means the launch of a new product. By the way, it is interesting to note that the Mac Pro has not received a major update in more than 1000 days, the longest unupdated product in the history of Apple.
  • And speaking of equipment, do you remember the so-called plastic iPhone? The rumors are still alive and now the main topic to talk about is who will manufacture that device, everything seems to point out that Foxconn has enough of its own and that it will be one of its rivals, and company in charge of manufacturing the mini iPad, the one that will put that product on the market: Pegatron. In this way, Apple would have more than one distributor for its star product and would be able to balance the stock of both devices in a more efficient way than before, where the stock of the iPhone 5 played a bad trick on it during its launch.
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    And we end up talking about an idea for the future that makes more and more sense: since the arrival of the “Apple” processors to iOS devices, the company has taken a small step to try to control the whole of that product, which is key to all the company’s mobile devices. First was the manufacture of a chip under its ideals, then another with its own innovations and finally the A6 which is a design based on ARM architecture but completely customized by Apple. As if that wasn’t enough, the company has kept a good number of former AMD employees which Apple could be concentrating on a new campus to take a further step in the creation of completely own chips.

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