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Looking for a real lottery scanner on iOS? ScanLottery is for you

Bah, a lottery scanner! What nonsense! Surely this is what you thought when you read the title of the post. But ScanLotería is not a scanner like the ones you can find in the App Store. It also doesn’t have endless lists that accumulate the history of results and among which you have to dive with a diving suit to find what you’re looking for.

ScanLottery is… different. I have tested this app with real tickets and bets and I can say that works just as it promises . The app scans your lottery bets with the iPhone’s camera without any kind of juggling and in a matter of tenths of a second when the light conditions are right.

Looking for a real lottery scanner on iOS? ScanLottery is for you
Looking for a real lottery scanner on iOS? ScanLottery is for you

ScanLotter does not just scan the barcode of your betting tickets. What it does is interpret the numbers and data and translate that information so that it is easily readable by us and not a jumble of rows and numbers. This lottery scanner allows you to register up to four different types of tickets :

  1. Euromillions.
  2. The Primitive.
  3. The Bonoloto.
  4. The Fatso of the Primitive.

I’ve used all four possible types of tickets to register bets and it works perfectly. When you scan the paper, you have to be careful with the shadows, that it is aligned correctly, well focused and that your fingers or other objects do not get in the way.

Once the app has registered the information, you can confirm the numbers yourself before adding them to your “wallet”. The first times I checked the bets one by one and did not fail once . If you do the scan following the steps correctly, you should have no problem. This video shows how it works:

The lottery scanner is the hardest part of this app to get, but does it do anything else? If the draw result is pending to be published, ScanLottery will save your bets and notify you when they are ready. Once published and regardless of whether you have one or multiple bets, will tell you which ones have been awarded and which ones have not . This app allows you to manage your bookings without having to search through a list of numbers that have been awarded on which dates, just as you have done up to now by consulting it yourself in a newspaper or on the internet. You don’t have to move a finger.

There are two additional features that have caught my attention:

  • The possibility of repeat bets. If you are one of those who always play the same numbers, once a draw has been played you will have the option to click on a “+” to add them again without the need to scan. But you must have bought the tickets because it is not a “real” bet and it will not be valid.
  • The option of sharing. You can email your ticket to anyone you want so they can open it and add it to their ScanLotter app. Interesting for when you buy lottery tickets among several people and that everyone knows when it’s time.

ScanLotería, 2,69 euros para iPhone.

Más información
ScanLottery is an easy to use lottery scanner , intuitive and with a very neat interface that you will like. Its developer, Alfonso Mérida, promises to add more features and types of lottery in the future and has won the Indra Chair 2013 thanks to his Lottery ticket reader on mobile devices using artificial vision.