Look out! Your iPhone 7 screen can turn yellow at any time

Since the iPhone 7 came out it has been involved in multiple controversies, such as its various units on fire or the hissgate . However, although it has managed -despite these failures- to be a bestseller, perhaps these good sales will be affected by a new unexpected event: the screen is turning yellow.

Why is this happening and how to fix it?

As revealed by Letem světem Applem, there have been quite a few cases of customers moving around the Apple support forums because their screens have started to turn yellow . However, this is not the first time we see this happen on an iPhone, and that is because the iPhone 4s was the first with the yellowgate, so the iPhone 7 probably suffers from the same problem -that the adhesive has not dried properly-. If this were the case, perhaps it would be solved by applying heat to the device or directly taking it to the technical service, where they will surely provide us with a replacement and we can forget about this problem -in the remote case that it happens to us-.

Look out! Your iPhone 7 screen can turn yellow at any time
Look out! Your iPhone 7 screen can turn yellow at any time

If applying heat to this phenomenon does not disappear, we can try another method that might solve it:

  1. Go to the Settings section.
  2. Go to Accessibility and Adequacy of the screen.
  3. Turn on the Color Filters option.
  4. In the filter list, adjust the bar until the yellow color is reduced to a minimum.
  5. Adjust the Intensity to make the screen look normal – it’s a screen, not a flashlight.

Remember that this method might make your screen a bit blue , but we can always adjust it as closely as possible to reality, so make sure you take your time, because you’ll be spending many hours in front of that screen.

If this problem still doesn’t seem to be solved, the easiest way is to go to an Apple Store and leave it in the hands of the experts , no matter how capable we feel to repair it.

Have you experienced this problem on your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus?

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