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Longer lead times, new iMac in sight?

With the times and with the annual Apple Developer’s Conference just around the corner, every little detail can give us huge clues as to what we might or might not see at the next WWDC to be held at the now legendary Moscone Center in San Francisco on June 2-6 .

This time, the information that appears is about the iMac shipping times . All basic iMac configurations, both the 21.5-inch model and the larger 27-inch model have had their delivery times delayed . So we’re down to 24-48 hours for shipping. After that, rumors start to arise about the appearance of a new model in the next WWDC .

Longer lead times, new iMac in sight?
Longer lead times, new iMac in sight?

This is accompanied by succulent discounts that some retail chains are starting to offer on these computers so the inventory cleanup looks like it could be starting. However, the possible lack of stock still would not have been widespread because as many stores have not seen the availability of these equipments decrease as they continue to sell them at the normal price.

For all this, it would not be unreasonable to use the developer’s conference to present what would be a new evolution of your desktop . The latest rumours were that they would get a price drop which would allow them to grow their sales exponentially . The increase in the price of iMacs compared to a few years ago has certainly been worrying and, having realised this, they may want to remedy it now.

A little over eight months have passed since the last update of these computers that came with, among other things, the Intel Haswell processors . After this increase in shipping times, do you think we’ll be able to see new iMacs next week? It would be interesting to see how Apple, once again, reviews the price of its devices and accompanies the new iMac with a reduction in its price as it did with the new MacBook Air. We’ll be waiting for you in Applesupportphonenumber next week so you don’t miss out on the WWDC .

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