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Logitech launches its PowerShell, game controller for iOS

Since the introduction of iOS 7, we’ve all been waiting for the release of the controllers that are compatible with this new version. Yesterday it was the MOGA Ace Power, and today it’s Logitech’s turn. The Swiss company has released its PowerShell, an iOS 7-compatible game controller. Logitech has followed Apple’s lead and launched a simple controller that will delight the most gamers on the company’s Bite Apple mobile platform.

With the arrival of the renewed iOS 7, we could see how the Californian company was opening a new path to the most playful users of its platform by allowing the use of drivers on their devices. Just yesterday, we saw how they presented the MOGA Ace Power which has become the first controller for video games available on the market. Today, Logitech is joining the party.

Logitech launches its PowerShell, game controller for iOS
Logitech launches its PowerShell, game controller for iOS

The Swiss company has announced the imminent release of its video game controller PowerShell . This controller will feature an internal 1500 mAh battery which will help alleviate, where possible, the sharp drop in battery life of our device when we use it for gaming . In addition, we will be able to simultaneously charge the controller battery and our iPhone or iPod .

In terms of the controller configuration, Logitech has focused on following Apple’s guidelines using the MFi program , which sets a standard for manufacturing iOS 7 compatible video game controllers . This provides the controller with two top buttons – triggers or “triggers” -, a directional pad on the left side of the controller and the four classic action buttons – A, B, X, Y-.

Unlike the MOGA Ace Power, the Logitech PowerShell has chosen to use the most basic configuration, so we lose the extra set of buttons and the analog sticks. Logitech has chosen the simplicity and the more classic controls , so all we have to do is put our device in the right place and enjoy it.

The Logitech PowerShell is compatible with the all-powerful iPhone 5s, iPhone 5 and the fifth-generation iPod Touch – all must be running under iOS 7. The driver will be available today at BestBuy and the Apple Store Online for $99. Another one in the list of compatible controllers, who will be next to feed the market? .

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