Lofree, a typewriter keyboard on your iOS or Mac

I confess, I like to try new things on my Apple devices, that’s why today I’m going to talk about a product that takes me back to my childhood in the middle of the modern era, a keyboard for the most nostalgic, we are talking about the Lofree keyboard. If you’re looking for a wireless keyboard I think you’re going to love this one.

Lofree the wireless typewriter keyboard

Lofree is a keyboard inspired by typewriters, under a design that mixes the modern with the best of the old typewriters , the result is simply spectacular. However, let’s start analyzing this keyboard in more detail.

Lofree, a typewriter keyboard on your iOS or Mac
Lofree, a typewriter keyboard on your iOS or Mac

As we said before, we are in front of a keyboard that is inspired by the old typewriters to gather the best of them and adapt them to our modern life. Without a doubt, the best thing about Lofree is its keys with round touches that will make even the most nostalgic of typewriters lose their heads. The result in this aspect is unbeatable, if we add to this the great variety of colors that we can choose and the backlighting offered by the keys, we can say that the aesthetic section is really outstanding. The only thing that can surprise us when we see a keyboard like this one is its robustness, we are in front of a keyboard that is not exactly light but for a quite important reason that we will comment later.

The thickness and weight is one of the weak points of the keyboard , a condition that can limit portability. However, this should not be a bad thing, thanks to its thickness and the elevation of its keys will offer a really comfortable hand position for users.

As you can see in the pictures, the keyboard is in English , since the current distribution only allows the purchase of this keyboard in the language of Shakespeare.

Lofree Keyboard Compatibility

Without a doubt, the issue of compatibility is fundamental in deciding whether or not to opt for a product. Lofree offers many new features in this section. If you are a Mac user, you will know that the F1 keys up to the F12 key offer options in the system such as adjusting the brightness, multi-windows, adjusting the volume, etc. All those that Apple has added to the MacBook Pro 2016 Touch Bar are available on the Lofree keyboard. That means you can adjust brightness and volume, activate the launchpad, and more directly from this keyboard.

Do you work with several devices at the same time? With Lofree, you won’t have a problem either. This wireless keyboard gives you the ability to connect to up to three different devices. Who said you couldn’t work with multiple devices at the same time?

On the side of the keyboard we find the power button and the mode selector, as we can configure it for use on desktop computers ( Mac or Windows ) or on portable devices ( iOS or Android ). Both operating systems are supported, although the key layout and description are intended for use on a Mac.

Lofree has three different backlight configurations, up to four times more battery (4000 mAh) than a competitive wireless keyboard (hence its dimensions), and 6 degree angle which offers greater stability, more comfort and precision to the user. All this under the possibility of designs that the company offers us and the nostalgia of being able to enjoy a keyboard that its touch and sensations are exactly the same as being typing with a typewriter. If you have liked all these new features, I recommend that you visit their website and check all the new features, characteristics and designs they offer the user.

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