Live Pictures Cam, Live Photos on any iPhone with iOS 9

Live Photos is one of the exclusive features of the new iPhone 6s. This feature allows us to take photos and at the same time save a small piece of video and audio with the photo . This way, we can always “relive” that moment with 1.5 seconds before and after the photo in question.

Apple decided that this feature should be exclusive to the new iPhone 6s, but thanks to the Live Pictures Cam app we can have it on any iPhone model with iOS 9 .

Live Pictures Cam, Live Photos on any iPhone with iOS 9
Live Pictures Cam, Live Photos on any iPhone with iOS 9

The operation of the app is similar to the feature included in the iPhone 6s. We must only use the app to take pictures. By holding down the take picture button we will see the progress of the process indicated by the red circle around the shutter button. At that moment the app is taking the picture, capturing the audio and then saving the result to the iOS Native Photo app reel.

Once the photos have been saved on the reel, we only have to open one and keep our finger on it to see the saved animation . This way we can relive the moment of the photo as many times as we want.

Bring iPhone 6s Live Photos to any iPhone with iOS 9

Live Pictures Cam has some really interesting configuration options. For example, you can set when the photo is taken during Live Photo recording: at the beginning, in the middle or at the end. It is also possible to choose the length of the video clip from 3, 4, 5 or 8 seconds. The frame rate is also configurable, choosing between 15 or 25 fps, with the higher value offering the highest quality of movement but also taking up the most storage space. Finally, it is also possible to choose whether to store audio or not during the capture.

Download Live Pictures Cam for iPhone

If you find the Live Photos feature of iPhone 6s useful but don’t have one of Apple’s new smartphones, this app is designed especially for you. It’s available on the App Store and, as we said, it’s compatible with any iOS 9 compatible iPhone . You can download the app from the following box:

Did you miss the Live Photos on your iPhone 4s, 5s or 6? Well, now you can have them without buying a new phone.

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