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Live Apple Keynote display this Monday in AppleSupportPhoneNumber

It’s not long now, just over two days before Apple kicks off this year’s developer conference. And of course, in Applesupportphonenumber we’re going to follow closely everything they tell us since Cupertino. That’s why, this Monday from 18 hours in Spanish time. Find out what time it will be in your country so you don’t miss any details of what we’re going to tell you.

We have already been announcing it in the last weeks and we finally confirm it, this coming Monday afternoon . Free up your agendas and take a break from anything you do because here, in Applesupportphonenumber we are going to cover in detail everything that happens in the WWDC 2013 inaugural Keynote .

Live Apple Keynote display this Monday in AppleSupportPhoneNumber
Live Apple Keynote display this Monday in AppleSupportPhoneNumber

Fully refurbished iOS 7, new OS X, Mac Pro and new MacBook Air? I bet you do, and in two days we’ll be out of your hair. At Applesupportphonenumber we’ve prepared a special display to cover any new product that Tim Cook will introduce to us as soon as he gets on stage.

The Keynote will start at 19:00 Spanish time, but we will be live one hour earlier. So that you don’t have any doubts about the timetables, we leave you the time when the Keynote starts in the different Spanish-speaking countries -in case you don’t already know it thanks to the image that accompanies the article-. Remember that Apple will not stream video or sound .

  • Spain: 19:00 (18:00 in the Canary Islands)
  • San Francisco: 10.00
  • Mexico: 12:00
  • Argentina: 14:00
  • Colombia: 12:00
  • Ecuador: 12:00
  • Peru: 12:00
  • Venezuela: 12:30
  • Chile: 13:00

Also you can keep up with all the important event news via Twitter, so don’t hesitate to follow @Applesupportphonenumber on this social network. That’s all for now, don’t forget, on Monday at 6pm Spanish time you can follow Apple’s event live thanks to Applesupportphonenumber.

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