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List of Netbooks compatible with Mac OS X

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At the end of the English source article you will find a series of tutorials and guides for installing in the different models of netbooks listed in the extended entry.

List of Netbooks compatible with Mac OS X
List of Netbooks compatible with Mac OS X

You will need either a bootable USB of more than 4 GB (there are tutorials on how to do this) or an external DVD drive to burn the image of the hackintosh and boot the system installation from there.

The penalty is perhaps the price of the fully supported models, as there are cheaper alternatives listed but offering less support like the Acer Aspire One, which is more than affordable but without bluetooth, without microphone or audio input and supposedly without compatible Wifi unless we are DIY virtuosos and buy a compatible Wifi card to remove the one you have and replace it, which I think is quite risky since apart from the cost of the card, you are opening the netbook and probably losing the warranty.

Remember that having a Hackintosh contravenes the Apple EULA whether you have a copy of Leopard or not.

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