List of compatible Macs and availability

It’s official, macOS 10.15 Catalina is Apple’s new operating system for the Mac. As every year, Apple has updated macOS with many new features. But this also means that the same computer models are not supported for each new version. If you want to know if your Mac is compatible with Catalina macOS 10.15, here is a list of all those who support it.

In ApplemacOS 10.15 Catalina is now official: goodbye to iTunes, more redesigned apps and more optimization

Availability and characteristics of macOS 10.15 Catalina

List of compatible Macs and availability
List of compatible Macs and availability

As we have seen, macOS 10.15 Catalina is a new version of macOS that includes many new features focused especially on developers. Apple has been polishing macOS , but also wants to prepare it for the final arrival of universal apps in macOSiOS. Now developers will be able to port their apps from iPad to Mac more easily.

On the other hand, we cannot forget the final goodbye of iTunes . The separation of the app into several ones focused on specific functions such as Music, Books or Podcasts has made us stop having an app that has been with us for more than a decade. This change, the above mentioned and many more will reach users from this autumn.

Mac models that can be upgraded to MacOS 10.15 XXX

But who will these changes reach? The list of Macs that are compatible with 10.15 Catalina macs is quite long, although that doesn’t mean that all models have the same features. Due to lack of power, some of the older ones will not support the new more powerful features of the operating system.

In either case, the Macs that can be upgraded to MacOS 10.15 XXX are as follows:

  • MacBook 2015 or later
  • MacBook Air 2012 or later
  • MacBook Pro 2012 or later
  • Mac mini 2012 or later
  • iMac 2012 or later
  • Mac Pro 2013 or later

Remember that macOS 10.15 Catalina has been presented during this WWDC19 and comes as a beta for developers today. In the coming weeks we will have a public beta version and a final version is expected to arrive in the fall and without errors to all users. On supported Macs the update will appear automatically upon arrival.

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