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Linux is incompatible with the new MacBook Pro

One of the highlights of the new MacBook Pro was undoubtedly the new Touch Bar, a novelty that has allowed it to stand out from the rest . On the other hand, the absence of the traditional ports , has brought criticism as well as praise in equal parts, and that is that it never rains to everyone’s satisfaction, and even more so when we are dealing with a product from the apple company.

Many MacBook users often use other operating systems on their Apple laptops . For example, the Linux-type distributions are often very useful in certain respects. They are usually aimed at a more specific target, which usually coincides with a profile related to the world of computing. Everything points to the fact that this will no longer be possible in the new range of MacBook Pro , since is not compatible with these free software operating systems .

Linux is incompatible with the new MacBook Pro
Linux is incompatible with the new MacBook Pro

This data was revealed from a user who recently purchased the new MacBook Pro. However, when he tried to install Ubuntu neither the keyboard nor the trackpad worked. Also, the internal SSD did not recognize the new boot drive.

It should be noted that this blocking has already been done by other brands such as Lenovo , in their Yoga 900 and Yoga 910 models. This limitation was found in the BIOS itself, which prevented the installation of new operating systems such as Linux. Finally, the company gave in and released an update that removed this blockage, following harsh criticism from its customers.

From my point of view Apple has made a serious mistake . It is clear that UNIX-type distributions are not the most commonly used by the common user, although it should be noted that many computer scientists and more specific users use these operating systems on a daily basis. Personally, I use Linux every day to do some computing work, however, this limitation could be crucial for not buying a new Apple laptop , since it would be limiting my possibilities. Will Cupertino’s people change their minds?

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