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LinkedIn buys Pulse for $90 million

Anuncio oficial de la compra

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LinkedIn buys Pulse for $90 million
LinkedIn buys Pulse for $90 million

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LinkedIn has confirmed the purchase of the Pulse newsreader for $90 million. The famous labor social network intends to implement in its services the Pulse technology to show interesting and relevant content for users such as writings from great leaders of the labor world. In principle, the development of Pulse will follow the same path it has been following, at a key moment for news readers with the imminent closure of Google Reader.

LinkedIn has finally bought Pulse for $90 million . After the rumors that appeared a few months ago about the possible purchase by the social network of professionals of the famous news reader, finally both parties have reached an economic agreement.

According to LinkedIn’s staff on their blog, the development of Pulse will continue along the same path, which is a great joy for the approximately 30 million users of the newsreader . What we don’t know is if in the future the application will cease to exist or change its name, operation…

The rumors that appeared a few months ago spoke of a $50 million to $100 million acquisition by LinkedIn, which has finally been $90 million. This deal is expected to be completed during the end of the second quarter of the year.

After this purchase, Pulse’s team will immediately start working on the social networking site, which will adopt the newsreader technology. This technology is intended to improve the content displayed to users of the social network , trying to make the information displayed more relevant and interesting to the user.

Immediately, LinkedIn has added a section of articles written by great leaders from the world of work in which readings of interest to users of this social network will be shown. This is how we intend to incorporate Pulse technology in the first instance.

We will see how this purchase evolves and if LinkedIn and Pulse undergo more changes in the coming months, something that could significantly modify user satisfaction with both platforms. Especially at a crucial moment for news readers due to the imminent closure of Google Reader.